Savoir-vivre lessons

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Savoir-vivre lessons

Savoir-vivre lessons entitled "Piruet with a spoon and fork..." have been popular with participants for more than 20 years. In a very accessible manner, all those taking part in the "Piruet with a spoon and fork..." meeting learn about the principles of good manners.

Every participant of our meetings can count on reliable and interesting information, which makes it easier to understand and apply the rules of interpersonal relations.

How to behave at the table? What are the techniques for serving dishes and decorating the table? What is the dress code? And also what are culture, respect, kindness in professional and private relations. Lessons in savoir-vivre are not only a set of rules and moral norms - they are lessons about life!

The event's extensive programme is divided into four lecture sections, culminating in an elegant dinner in the Palace Restaurant, allowing you to put your newly acquired skills to use.

We invite you to the Jabłonna Palace for group classes for children, young people and adults.

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