Rooms in the Palace
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The Ballroom, known as the White or Round Room, is the largest and most important room, centrally located in the Palace building, with direct access to the terrace.

Inside the auditorium are large arcade windows, decorative niches and entrances to the side rooms: Fireside and Moorish.
Attention is drawn to antique mirrors in gilded frames, marble busts or French candlesticks from the late 18th century.

The Ballroom rises two storeys high. It is crowned by a gallery with an extremely elaborate wrought-iron balustrade. The hall's characteristic spherical opening surrounded by a facet will not escape your attention.

A glance at the ceiling reveals a decorative plafond with illusionistically painted sky and clouds. The plafond and the gallery are illuminated by round windows. The Ballroom is also decorated with a decorative parquet floor with a rosette laid in dark wood, as befits a palace chamber.
Such a representative Ballroom will be memorable for anyone attending a conference, wedding, reception, ball or concert. The Ballroom features a grand piano.

An additional advantage is that the door wings can be opened to adjacent rooms and additional space can be used.

Ballroom area: 100 m2.

Maximum number of persons: