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Jabłonna Palace
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The 18th-century palace and park complex located in Jabłonna near Warsaw is waiting to welcome and delight you. This historic residence of Bishop Michał Poniatowski, where the last king of Poland Stanisław August Poniatowski often visited, is today eagerly visited by the inhabitants of Mazovia. Interesting cultural and scientific events, accessible to everyone, are regularly held here. It is also a valued venue for world-class conferences, symposia or regular training courses and workshops. Our clients have at their disposal unique conference rooms, stylish accommodation and all-day catering prepared in the Palace Restaurant.

Guests return to Jabłonna Palace with fond memories of a professionally organised wedding, reception, communion, anniversary or prom.

In keeping with its mission, Jabłonna Palace has been working for years to popularise science. We are the organiser of a popular series of lectures and workshops "Palace Encounters with Science", the culmination of which is the autumn science festival "Science with the Palace in the background". This highly regarded event disseminates knowledge about new technologies and introduces participants to the latest scientific developments in many fields in an interesting way.

Every year, adults and children alike participate in large numbers in activities prepared by scientific institutions, companies and foundations participating in the science festival.

Communing with culture is an integral part of visiting our Palace. The famous "Palace Encounters with Music" attract the attention of music lovers and all lovers of classical, jazz or pop music. The concerts take place in the Ballroom, whose excellent acoustics emphasise the beauty of the works performed.

We organise artists' exhibitions in the Contemporary Art Gallery "Oranżeria" and also arrange interesting exhibitions in the park space. Visitors are invited to take part in photo competitions or art workshops for children.

Jabłonna Palace also has a permanent place in the history of Polish cinematography. For years, the palace's stylish interiors and park open-air locations have provided unique scenery for films and plays. They are an attractive backdrop for exclusive shows and photo shoots.

The 46-hectare English-style landscape park that surrounds the Palace is an enclave for more than 50 natural monuments: pedunculate oaks, small-leaved lindens, pedunculate elms, ash trees, common hornbeams, triple-thorned gledits, European larchs, white poplars and maple trees. The oldest tree in our park, the European larch, is over 240 years old!
Quiet, romantic alleys are conducive to bicycle tours and walks. The multitude of routes will be appreciated by jogging or Nordic walking enthusiasts. An extensive meadow at the entrance and a green gazebo overlooking the Palace provide the perfect venue for various outdoor events.

The presence of the Vistula's Kiełpińskie Ławice Nature Reserve, which adjoins the park in Jabłonna, means that we can encounter rare species of water birds in this area.

The attractiveness of the site is linked to its location - close to the capital (only 4 kilometres from the border of Warsaw), just off the exit route from Warsaw in the northern direction, close to the railway station in Legionowo (3.7 kilometres) and easy access from Modlin airport (22 kilometres).

Visitors to Jabłonna Palace will also appreciate the boutique hotel decorated with taste in a romantic style reminiscent of palace interiors.

The entire palace and park complex creates an unforgettable atmosphere valued by guests, to which they gladly return.

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